Our cherry trees come from several generations in the heart of the Monts du Lyonnais.

Selected with the utmost care and real savoir faire, the taste qualities of our cherries are the fruit of a daily work.

Chamblance is above all a traditionToday, a strong family heritage is what allows us to create 

a range of spirits that sublimate the history of our fruits.

Our grandparents and great grandparents taught us everything. We perpetuate their tradition by hand picking our cherries, because the purity and quality of our fruits have a direct impact on the finesse of our liquors.

The cherry is considered a noble fruit with many virtues because of its delicacy and climatic requirements.

The cherry spirit is produced by simple or double distillation of fermented cherries. It is then transferred into 

glass demi-johns called "dame-jeanne" 

for aging and in order to conserve its quality. 


Our freshly picked cherries will then release their flavors in their own aged spirit giving rise to the elegant

Liqueur Chamblance.

The multitude of cherry varieties in our orchards allow us to select

the best fruits for each recipe, which further enhances the product's flavour.  

This allows us to create the Crème de Cerises Chamblance with a smoother texture, that will sublimate your culinary ambitions

and awaken your creativity in the famous french Kir cocktail and many others. 


With our range of spirits we wish to offer a new perspective to our production 

and thus transform our cherries into crafted liqueurs that are equal to the high quality and delicacy of our fruits.